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Zvonko Čoh
He was born on August 7, 1956 in Celje. In his youth he lived in Rogaška Slatina. He graduated from painting at Academy of Fine Arts and Design under professor Janez Bernik. He made his specialization study under professor Štefan Planinc. For more then ten years he was occupied with illustrating for youth, while today he devotes mostly to children’’s literature. He has got many awards for his work.

Golden Feather, Belgrade 1983
Levstik’’s Award, 1988 and 1999
Hinko Smrekar’’s Award, Ljubljana 1995
Prešeren Fund Prize, Ljubljana 1999
Hinko Smrekar’’s Prize, 2002
Best Slovenian children’s book, Ljubljana 2003
Most original Slovenian picture book, Ljubljana 2004
IBBY honour list, Cape town, 2004

No English Translation
About a Girl and Lost Treasure
An Event in a Town Grove
Listko and His Lifes
Samo''''''''s Adventures in the Land of Light
Centipede Tina Looking for a Husband
Založba Morfem, 2010. Vse materialne pravice so last Morfem založništvo d.o.o..