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Prince Charmless        Everybody flee! The sabre-toothed wolf´s after you and me!        A Letter for the Tooth Fairy

Prince Charmless

1001 NIGHT

Chronicle of War 1914 to the present day


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Helena Kraljič
I was born on August 12, 1971 in Ljubljana. As a child I lived for fairy tales. In my childhood I spent a lot of my time with my grandparents. Every evening when I went to bed, my grandfather was telling me stories and I really enjoyed listening to him. I would always have to eat some chocolate while listening. It must have took at least two hours before I fell asleep. Those evenings were perfect to me.
I attended primary school in Moste, Ljubljana and I especially appreciated my teacher for Slovenian language, Marjana Mlinar. Because of her it was my favourite subject. After finishing primary school I registered to Secondary School of Economics. I got pregnant in third year and I had to drop it. I got married and gave birth to a daughter, which I am very proud of. When she was one year old, I got a job as a merchant. I did not like that job, so I decided I have to finish high school. I was working and taking lessons in afternoons. I finished school and got employed as an accountant in a small firm. Soon I realized that working there does not make me happy either, so I registered to a Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. I graduated and got employed in a revision office. But still…even there I felt I am not enjoying my work.
Then suddenly my father passed away. He was only 47 years old. His death really hurt me. I adored him. I started to think about the shortness of life and decided to write a book. In 2001 I wrote my first fairy tale, which gave me new will and energy. I was satisfied, because I felt a part of me will always stay on this world and I was hoping it would make children happier. So I united work with pleasure and dedicated myself to writing. Until now I wrote 5 novels, 3 encyclopedias, 45 fairy tales and enigmas for the youngest…
Many had thought I should have chosen a more promising career. But still… it is my firm belief that it is much better to fall on a path you have chose for yourself, than to shine on a path the others have chosen for you.

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